Performance not susceptible to variations in lighting (day and night)
Less prone toerrors in poorweather conditions
Ensures privacy as visual/identifiable features of humans are not visible

Possible use cases include:

    • In vehicle occupancy detection: In collaboration with SMATS Traffic Solutions, Tempo has developed a deep learning-based object detector that uses thermal images to detect the number of passengers in a car. This solution could be used to enforce HOV lanes.
    • Pedestrian detection for autonomous cars: Self-driving cars need to be able to reliably detect pedestrians and other objects of interest at all times of the day, and in any weather conditions. Thermal sensors introduce a valuable source of information for AV systems to function under different conditions to ensure safety.
    • Automatic fever detection: Thermal cameras can be installed in crowded areas (airports, schools, universities…) with a machine learning algorithm processing the retrieved images and automatically detecting when a person is present with an abnormally high temperature. This is valuable to control the spread of dangerous viruses in a pandemic.
Our machine vision solutions utilizing thermal sensors can be custom developed to suit your different application requirements like speed, accuracy, power consumption, detection of different types of objects (cars, traffic lights, etc.)
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